About your Esja Travel Team

ESJA Travel is a licensed tour operator and travel agency in Iceland which offers tours for groups and individuals. Send us an inquiry to

About us

ESJA Travel is a licensed tour operator and travel agency in Iceland which offers tours for groups and individuals.

Send us an inquiry to info@esjatravel.is and we'll assist you with the planning of your dream vacation in ICELAND

The Esja Travel team specialises in unique quality tours, which fulfil the travellers desires whether that desire is sightseeing, adventure, photography, sea angling, wildlife watching or slow tourism, just to name a few.

Our experienced Esja Travel Team is happy to provide high quality and flexible service and looks forward to help you with your travel planning, whether it is one of our suggested tours or a tailor made tour, fitted completely to your wishes and needs.

With our knowledge of Icelandic circumstances, we‘ll make sure that you get the best possible experience out of your tour to Iceland. We aim to provide only the best service available.

While you are travelling in Iceland, you’ll have access to our team to help you tackle any unforeseen situations. Our service telephone number for customers, who are on the go, is provided with your comprehensive travel documents.

If you can‘t find exactly what you are looking for among our products on the homepage, we‘ll with great certainty be able to help you further. Please contact us for further Information.

Employees - Office 

Kalla Björg Karlsdóttir

Kalla Björg Karlsdóttir General Manager of Esja Travel in Iceland

General Manager and Travel Organisation

Kalla, together with Kristín, founded Esja Travel in 2009. She has had managing positions within several Icelandic travel companies within different areas of the incoming travel service in Iceland for almost three decades. Kalla is your contact for inquiries in English.

Kristín Sverrisdóttir

Kristín Sverrisdóttir - Project Manager and Accouning at Esja Travel in Iceland

Project Manager and Travel Organisation

Kristín has nearly thirty years of experience in travel planning at Icelandair and other travel services before starting  Esja Travel with Kalla. Kristín is your contact for inquiries in English.

Anna Katrín Hreinsdóttir

About us - Anna Katrín Hreinsdóttir

Project Manager and Travel Organisation

Anna Katrín studied Tourism  and German. She has over ten years of experience of Icelandic travel service, thereof nine as an office manager at a travel company servicing the German speaking market. She‘s your contact for inquiries in German, English as well as the Scandinavian languages.

Ferđaskrifstofan Esja ehf. – Esja Travel
Akralind 2
201 Kópavogur
Tel.: +354 560 2020
Internet: www.esjatravel.is

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm (GMT)

Social and Environmental Sustainability Policy

The Esja Travel Team works towards a sustainable operation, both environmentally as well as socially.

We feel strongly about preserving Iceland’s unique and fragile nature and we aim to offer unique high quality tours that are operated with great caution in order to cause a minimum impact on the environment.

Furthermore our goal is to make sure that locals benefit economically from our tours and approve of it. Our ambition is to provide professional and interesting tours. In order to do so we only work with competent and qualified local guides, who take pride in introducing the special Icelandic nature, culture and the local cuisine to our guests. We favour doing business with environmentally aware providers.

In our office we make sure to recycle and reduce waste emission and chemical usage as we prefer to use products certified with known and accepted environmental labels.

Our operation and goals are under constant revision and we do our best to stay up to date on how our providers are working towards a more sustainable operation.


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