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Esja Travel welcomes you to Iceland! Photo Tours and Workshops, Self-Drive Tours, Guided Tours as well as Day Tours and Excursions.

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Photo Workshops in
Iceland and Greenland

Photo tours ICeland

A landscape photographers dream in a world of varying colours, and rugged beauty, where two of the earths continental plates collide. Midnight sun in the summer time and the northern lights during winter will keep any photographer occupied.



Self-drive Tours
in Iceland

Self-drive tours iceland

Anyone can get acquainted with Iceland on their own terms, and we offer you a variety of self-drive tours in Iceland. We have put together a variety of self-drive tours of varying duration, designed to meet most expectations of what a dream vacation in Iceland should include.


Guided Tours in
Iceland and Greenland

Guided Tours in Iceland and Greenland

This section includes a variety of guided tours in Iceland. We prefer small groups and programs that are a bit out of the ordinary. You'll find our KNITTING TOURS, HIKING TOURSYOGA TOURSGOURMET TOURS, FAMILY TOURS, ADVENTURE TOURS,  and if you can't find your dream tour of Iceland - just ask, we still might be able to organise it.


Excursions / Day Tours
Iceland and Greenland

Excursions and Day Tours Iceland Greenland

Esja Travel takes pride in offering a wide selection of Excursions and Day Tours, not only starting from Reykjavík but from different locations around Iceland. Experience Iceland by bus, super-jeep, air, bike, horse, boat, bike or foot - just to name a few.



Winter Adventures in Iceland

Winter Adventure in Iceland -Winter Tours in Iceland

Iceland is an all year round destination. The nature is stunning during winter time and the northern lights are a true attraction. All sorts of winter activities await you in Iceland and Esja Travel is your partner for a great winter experience.




Greenland tours

The unique Greenland is easily accessible from Iceland and Esja Travel offers a variety of tours to Greenland from Iceland, from day tours up to several days. Why not add some Greenland to your tour of Iceland?




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