Past photo workshops

Below you'll find an overview of our special photo workshops, guided by our photo guides and well known photographers from all over the world. Unten

Past Photo Workshops

Below you'll find an overview of our special photo workshops, guided by our photo guides and well known photographers from all over the world.

Unten finden Sie eine Übersicht über die Reisen, die Esja Travel mit Tim Vollmer und Partners für bekannte Fotografen von überall auf der Welt anbietet.

Tim Mannakee
14 - 19 February, 2013

Tim Mannakee Photo Workshop in Iceland, 2013

This is a wonderful time of year to photograph Iceland. The landscape is pristine with fresh snow and February is an ideal month to see the Northern Lights. Combine the two and you have the opportunity to capture some exceptional images.


Jim Caldwell
27 Feb. - 4 March, 2013

Jim Caldwell Photo Workshop in Iceland 2013

This photo workshop is lead by Jim Caldwell, an award winning professional nature photographer and Master Naturalist. Jim has partnered up with the professional guide and photographer Tim Vollmer for this tour to Iceland.


John Tunney
5 - 10 March, 2013

John Tunney Photo Workshop in Iceland, 2013

Join photographer John Tunney for a once in a lifetime experience photographing Iceland and its stunning landscape. Visit Iceland at the height of the aurora borealis, the spectacular northern lights, and exploring some of its most scenic locations.


Lance Keimig
19 - 26 March, 2013

Lance Keimig Photo Workshop in Iceland 2013

This trip will be special in that it comes at the end of winter at what is essentially the best time to photograph the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. We’ll have 8 days and 7 nights to explore and photograph this amazingly beautiful country.


Lance Keimig
30 March - 6 April, 2013

Lance Keimig Photo Tour

This photo tour will feature long days and nights with intense periods of photography. The first and foremost goal of this trip is to provide you with a comfortable and organized opprotunity to create images of the dramatic landscapes of iceland and of the Aurora.


Kevin Loughlin
24 May - 2 June, 2013

Kevin Loughlin Photo Workshop 2013

A Photo Tour led by Kevin Loughlin and Tim Vollmer. You will have the opportunity to photograph both extremes, from active volcanoes to icy glaciers plus hot springs, geysers, waterfalls, icebergs and stunning landscapes.


Tom Bol
6 - 15 June, 2013 

Tom Bol Photo Workshop in Iceland

Join Photographers Tom Bol amd Tim Vollmer to explore and photograph the best of Iceland and Greenland in just 10 days!



Mihai Moiceanu
21 - 30 June 2013

Mihai Moiceanu Photo Workshop 2013

We’ll take breathtaking photos of stunning waterfalls, ice lagoons, amazing glacial lakes and spectacular volcanic scenery enjoying a totally unexpected chromatic palette.


Michael Chinnici
30 June - 5 July, 2013 

Michel Chinnici Photo Workshop 2013

The summer sun never sets on this breathtakingly lush land of verdant hills, active volcanoes, fumaroles and mud-pots. Experience Iceland’s surreal beauty.


Jack Graham
6 - 16 July, 2013

Jack Graham Photo Workshop 2013

Join Jack Graham for the annual "Ultimate Iceland" photo workshop, in a land of contrasts and a photographer’s paradise.


Richard Bernabee
12 - 20 July, 2013

Richard Bernabee Photo Workshop 2013

Take your creative expression to the next level with Richard Bernabe and Joe Rossbach in the Land of Fire and Ice.


Mike Hagen
29 July - 6 August, 2013

Mike Hagen Photo Workshop 2013

Journey to the land of Fire and Ice with Mike Hagen and Tim Vollmer.


Jecan & Goodrich
14 - 24 August, 2013

Gavriel Jecan and Jay Goodrich Photo Workshop 2013

An 11-day long photo workshop in small groups with Gavriel Jecan, Jay Goodrich and Tim Vollmer.


Martin Bailey
26 August - 5 Sept, 2013

A photo workshop around Southwest and Southern Iceland with Martin Bailey and Tim Vollmer.


Sammon & Pepper
14 - 24 September, 2013

Enjoy the Magical Sights and Landscape of Iceland with Rick Sammon and Kevin Pepper.


Sean Arbabi
15 - 20 September, 2013

Come see the amazing country of fire and ice while capturing extraordinary nature and landscape images. Photographer and author Sean Arbabi and photographer Tim Vollmer will lead the way sharing photography tips, tricks and techniques.


Kevin Loughlin
12 - 21 October, 2013


This Northern Lights workshop offers some of the best opportunities to photograph the Aurora Borealis, the colorful phenomenon that lights up the northern night sky.


Winter Wonderland with Kevin Pepper
5 - 10 February, 2014

Kevin Pepper Photography

Don’t miss this tour through the south accompanied by Kevin Pepper and Tim Vollmer. We’ll capture the magical glacier landscapes of Europe’s largest glacier, the black sand coast as well as sprouting geysers, Vatnajökull and be on the lookout for the northern lights in the evening.


Northern Lights Photo Tour with Dean J. Tatooles
12 - 18 February, 2014

Dean J. Tatooles Photography

Photo Tour through the Icelandic winter landscapes of the south coast with the photographer Dean J. Tatooles and Tim Vollmer. Glaciers, icebergs on a glacier lagoon, geysers, waterfalls, rock formations and black sand coastline and with some luck also the northern lights – a tour full of contrasts.


Winter Wonderland with Chris Marquardt
4 - 9 March, 2014

Chris Marquardt Photography Fotografie

Expect breath-taking landscapes, bizarre ice formations and with a little bit of luck northern lights on several nights of the tour. March is a unique month for Iceland. With about 10 hours of daylight, we can catch great morning light without having to get up at 5:00 am and we won't have to wait until midnight for the Northern Lights to be visible.


Iceland in the Winter with Jim Caldwell
11 - 16 March, 2014

Jim Caldwell Photography

Join Jim Caldwell and Tim Vollmer on this unique workshop to witness and photograph the amazing display of the Northern Lights along with the amazing fire and ice scenery and glaciers of Iceland. The workshop leader is Jim Caldwell, an award winning photographer and former motion picture cameraman.



Iceland Photo Tour with Michael Chinnici
6 - 11 April, 2014


Michael Chinnici Photography


Experience Iceland’s surreal beauty. It’s as if this land was created for the photographer. Our time together will include individual and group reviews, personal assignments and great fun. We cannot think of a better location to express your creativity than the unique landscape of Iceland.







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