Guided Tours

This section includes a variety of guided tours in Iceland. We prefer small groups and programs that are a bit out of the ordinary. You'll find our

Guided Tours in Iceland and Greenland

This section includes a variety of guided tours in Iceland. We prefer small groups and programs that are a bit out of the ordinary. You'll find our gourmet tours, family tours, adventurous tours, yoga tours and if you can't find your dream tour of Iceland - just ask, we still might be able to organise it.

Adventure Tours

Adventure Tours in Iceland

Our adventure tours are suited for everyone, not only well trained athletes. Our tours are all about experiences and gathering impressions. We emphasise on smaller groups which offer a personal and comfortable atmosphere.


Hiking Tours

Hiking in East Iceland

Iceland is the perfect destination for hiking. The Icelandic nature never ceases to amaze and one day is very likely different than the next. With a local guide you'll be sure to get the best out of your hiking tour to Iceland.


Knitting Tours

Knitting tours in Iceland

Knitting is very popular in Iceland and has a long tradtion. Knitting clubs can be found all over the coutry and you can see Icelanders proudly wearing their lopapeysa wool sweaters. Join us on one of our exiting knitting tours in Iceland!


Gay Friendly Tours

Gay Friendly Tours in Iceland

Esja Travel is a gay friendly travel agency and we‘re proud to offer carefully selected tours for LGBT people, operated by gay tour operators, guided by gay or gay friendly guides etc. You‘ll find traditional day tours and excursions wrapped up to meet all expectations of the LBGT traveller.


Gourmet Tours

Gourmet Tours in Iceland

You’ll get an introduction to farming and fishing in Iceland from the people who know best. Be prepared to taste the world’s best lamb and fish!


Family Tours

Family Tours in Iceland

Enjoyable holidays for children and adults alike with all kinds of activities that suit everyone. The time spent driving is kept to a minimum.


Riding Tours

Riding Tours in Iceland - Esja Travel.

We‘re working on this section. Exiting Riding Tours coming up.

See Iceland from the back of an Icelandic horse, which is a very strong, friendly and tame creature. Experience the magnificent Icelandic nature even more close up on one of our great riding tours.

Yoga Tours

Yoga Tours in Iceland - Esja Travel.

If you are looking for a refreshing adventure away from your everyday life, join us in a dynamic yoga retreat in the powerful Icelandic nature.  Yoga retreat in Iceland combines the healing energy of the arctic nature and the ancient science of yoga.



Greenland Tours

The unique Greenland is easily accessible from Iceland and Esja Travel offers a variety of tours to Greenland from Iceland, from day tours up to several days. Why not add some Greenland to your tour of Iceland?


Tailor-Made Group Tours

Tailor Made Group Tours in Iceland

Your Esja Travel Team is more than happy to help with the organisation of the perfect tour to Iceland for you and your fellow travelers, whatever the size of the group. We already have a large selection of itineraries to choose from.





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